Rebuilding Trust In Addiction Recovery

Regaining Trust After Addiction

Chronic drug and alcohol abuse can devastate relationships, and lead to severe emotional pain and unhealthy coping skills, such as enabling. A common challenge that loved ones inevitably find themselves confronted with is learning to trust again.

Damaging behaviors addicted people engage in include:

  • keeping secrets

  • stealing items

  • disappointing loved ones

  • manipulating

  • lying

  • making false promises, and more.

This unavoidably places a strain on the trust that families have built over time, often leaving our relationships in a state of disarray. Our relationships become less functional over time, and for some, are damaged altogether.

For addicts in recovery, one of the first steps in rebuilding trust in a family system is learning when you can trust yourself and when to not listen to yourself. Remember, "Your best thinking got you here!"

Find out the solution to gaining back trust from your family!

Family members, find out exactly how you can start to trust your loved one in recovery.

Amber Hollingsworth,

Hope for Families Recovery Center

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