Written By: Maureen M.

Soberlink:  My Game-Changer

Soberlink is a hand-held device breathalyzer with a camera.  It operates in real-time and has the capability to request a sobriety test on command (within an hour).  It is monitored by the client along with a health care professional/sober coach.  In fact, some states even utilize them as a tool for law enforcement.  It is a great asset for making sure someone abstains from alcohol.  In fact, if you decide to drink you are stone-cold busted within fifteen minutes.  Trust me, it has happened.  It is relatively small and can fit in a purse or bag.  Truthfully, it really looks like a cop’s breathalyzer.

So, here’s the million-dollar question: “If you’re so confident in your recovery, why do you need a machine to back you up?”  Here is my reasoning:

I am a metrics-driven person, which is to say I love numbers, countdowns, etc., etc.  I like being able to look at lists, watch them progress.  I like to see the coins in the jar grow and grow until they reach a mark.  In short, it motivates me!  I am driven when I can “see” progress.

Secondly, I have a reputation for being a bit impulsive to put it mildly.  In fact, for much of my recovery-attempted life, my relapses have been spur of the moment.  Rarely do I really think things through if deep down I know it is bad for me.  Hence, I have had multiple relapses in twenty-five years with very little forethought.

Another reason I like the Soberlink is because I like the idea of knowing that it if I fell off the face of the earth tomorrow, somewhere in black and white is PROOF that I was SOBER!  Believe me when I say that I would have my share of doubters of my sobriety should I meet an early demise.

Perhaps it’s my history, but I have a strong fear of people not believing me. I don’t like to be questioned on my word and for an alcoholic that can be quite a conflict.  Addicts and alcoholics have a long reputation of being “less than honest.”  Why should I be any different?   My reactions can sometimes be over the top and I can get quite upset.  Truth is, it doesn’t really matter to anyone if I drink again except me! I am not GETTING SOBER for anyone EXCEPT ME!

I am a big advocate of the Soberlink device.  If I had it my way, EVERYONE in early recovery should be required to participate in this program.  It is results-driven.  I am proof.  My first “attempt” at recovery was twenty-five years ago.  I have a multitude of stories of relapse after relapse.  Today, as I type this, I have nearly thirteen months of continued sobriety.  This is something I attribute to hard work, a kick-ass counselor and my trusty Soberlink!

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