Suicide Threats- (what to do when someone threatens suicide to get attention)

Really Suicidal or Attention Seeking?

This is a question/comment I recently saw posted on a social media site.

Every time I try to "detach with love" my girlfriend threatens suicide. She has a history of trauma and self harm. I don't know what to do. I don't want her to die. Please help!

Here's my advice for when someone threatens suicide (and you aren't sure if they mean it or not)...

Any time someone threatens suicide, always take it seriously (even if you think they're just bluffing or trying to get attention). This isn't something you want to risk being wrong about. I recommend that you consistently contact authorities to report a threat of suicide. This will be an effective strategy either way. If she really means it, you've helped keep her safe. If she's using this as a tactic to get her way about something, then she'll learn it's not an effective strategy. She'll get tired of dealing with the authorities and she'll develop another strategy for getting her needs met. If this is indeed a manipulation tactic, it's emotional blackmail. If it's not, it's a cry for help. Either way, take it seriously. Call the authorities each and every time. I realize she may get angry with you, but safety trumps everything!

I actually have a video on YouTube where I go into the topic of suicide threats more deeply. Click this link and watch it now.

Amber Hollingsworth

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