Surviving Cravings

In this video I give you 5 tips for managing drug and alcohol cravings. These tips will help you get rid of (eliminate) cravings for heroin, other opiates, alcohol, stimulants, or benzodiazepines.

Craving is a natural byproduct of drug use itself. A person can have cravings on and off well after drug use stops and the physical signs of withdrawal are complete.

Everyone gets told "call me" or "call your sponsor" if you feel like using/drinking but it's more complicated than that.

The key to stop the cravings is to get out of your own head!

You have to do something that requires you to think or keep yourself busy. I know in the moment it feels like those cravings are never going to go away. But this is a very temporary feeling. An average craving only lasts about 9 minutes long if you don't fuel it(fan the flames).

The mental activities of cravings and urges disappear over time unless you actively sustain them with your attention. Given time, they will run their course and disappear. Just don’t give in no matter how bad the craving is and it will pass. All the urges you have ever had have departed. Once you have denied an urge, you know you can do it again and again. After a short time, there will be fewer cravings and the ones you have will diminish in intensity.

Amber Hollingsworth,

Hope for Families Recovery Center

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