Top 10 Excuses Parents Fall For When Their Child Is In Drug Rehab

Updated: Aug 28, 2019

I've consulted with hundreds of kids and their parents. I know exactly what excuses are used by the addict to pull at the parent's heart strings to convince them that it s a good idea to bring them home from treatment.

If your child is in drug rehab (or will be going to rehab for drugs or alcohol) this is a must watch video!

As a parent, you CANNOT fall for these, or you'll be making a very costly mistake, not only in monetary value, but also emotionally for you and your kid!

Watch the video to find out exactly what to do if your kid wants to leave addiction treatment early!

Excuse #1:

"Everyone here has a more severe addiction than mine!"

Listen, if you've gotten to the point of putting your kid in rehab, there's a reason they're there!

Excuse #2:

"All they do here is war story and brag about their addiction, how is that even helpful?"

Once again, they're putting the blame on others and trying to portray their angelic behavior. If they're at a good facility, I can guarantee the counselors are shutting down this type of war storytelling going on.

Excuse #3:

"They're mistreating me"

You have to remember, addicts are expert manipulators! My advice: Definitely check into it, but don't let this be a reason to bring your kid home.

Excuse #4:

"They don't even have good, effective, real counseling here"

This usually comes from the place of either not getting to see the counselor enough or that your kid is being put into group counseling. Trust me, you don't want your loved one in individual counseling. This only gives them an opportunity to twist the situation, gripe, complain and blame the situation on everyone else around them! You won't get the result you want.

Excuse #5:

"I'm not an addict, i just need to be treated for my depression, anxiety, etc."

Although this may be true, you cannot treat these underlying issues if you're brain is still impaired by alcohol/drug use! They have to have the addiction under control!

Excuse #6:

Emotional Blackmail. They threaten to hurt themselves if you don't come get them.

You definitely need to talk to a counselor at the facility to let them know what's going on, but most likely this is a plea for attention and your kid knows this will pull at your heart strings!

Excuse #7:

"You need to take me out of here because I'm only doing this for you. You're wasting your time"

Listen, it's just a matter of days until your kid is out of withdrawal. Advice: Dance around this and eventually this will die down.

Excuse #8:

"I promise i'll do x, y, z that you want me to as long as you bring me home!"

Don't fall for this! Even if your kid goes to all the meetings and has drug screening regularly, they have to have accountability in the beginning!

Excuse #9: "This is so expensive, I can really do this at home without your wasting your money!"

This is tempting, I know. But, guess what? I know you tried several other ways before choosing rehab. Those didn't work!

Excuse #10:

If they've already been to treatment once before, here it comes: "I already know all of this, I can use everything I learned here before at home!"

One of the big reasons you need them at rehab is because their brains need to stabilize out and get enough clean & sober days in there so that they can do what they know they need to do!

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Amber Hollingsworth, Hope for Families Recovery Center

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