What exactly is an Addictive Personality?

We've all heard of the term addictive personality, but what does that mean? Is having addictive personality traits always a bad thing? Does it mean that someone will never beat their addictions? In this video, we explore the concept of ADDICTIVE PERSONALITY from a different perspective. I'll cover what exactly that term means,

whether it's a real psychiatric diagnosis or not, and how to overcome it.

First things first, addictive personality is not a psychiatric diagnosis. There is something to that term because we hear it so often. After doing some light research, I found that people that use that term are often using it to describe those that have personality traits that are more likely to be addicted. For example, decreased impulse control, anxiety, depression.

We all have ideas of what addictive personality means. I use it while trying to describe someone that can be excessive about everything they take on. They go FULL FORCE.

If you relate to this because you have this or a loved one has this, I want you to stop thinking about this as being a defect or a bad part of them. I think of it as a gift, a biological gift. Here's what I like to tell clients that have this quality about them, "It's a superpower! We need to find out how to harness it and use it for good!"

The key, if you have this, is to be mindful and intentional of the influence you put into your life. That goes for the people you allow in your circle, the music you listen to, etc. If you manage the influence you put in your mind, you can harness these powers for good!

Amber Hollingsworth

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