What Qualities to Look for When Choosing a Counselor

Addiction counselors are a key component when it comes to getting your loved one into treatment. If you've never talked to a counselor before, then you need to know what characteristics to look for when hiring an addiction therapist.

  1. Does your loved one feel comfortable with their counselor/do their personalities mesh well?

  2. Are they motivating/hopeful?

  3. Are they knowledgable in addiction/recovery?

  4. How many people have they led into recovery?

  5. Is the counselor highly-trained in all the addiction recovery options? What works for one family, might not work for another.

  6. Do they have time in their schedule to fit you in?

Each therapist may not meet all criteria, but as long as you are aware of them all, you can decide whether you or a loved one are getting the best possible treatment. Find out what other qualities to look for when you're searching for an addiction counselor for your family by watching the video.

Amber Hollingsworth,

Hope for Families Recovery Center

Now that you know how to select an addiction counselor, the next thing you need to understand is your options for treatment. This playlist will go over when addiction counseling is appropriate, how much treatment will cost, etc.

Check it out by clicking the picture below!


Follow this hand-written guide to help you understand all levels of care, all different kinds of treatment, how much treatment will cost, will insurance pay, the pros and cons of different treatments.

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