What's The Difference Between Public Addiction Treatment vs. Private Addiction Treatment vs. Free?

When you or a loved one are finally ready to overcome addiction, knowing what type of rehab to enter can be tough. This is not something you plan for. And it’s not something you need until you really, really need it. This usually occurs when the addiction problem has spiraled out of control and now you're desperate and in need of immediate care.

Don't wait until you're in crisis to start researching this topic. Educate yourself now, so that when the moment comes you'll be ready to make the right decisions!

Public vs. Private vs. Free: "The very basic overview"

Public treatment centers are government based and state-funded and are there for those who can't pay all of the treatment cost or any of it at all.

Private treatment is a paid treatment. One of the main advantages for private rehabs is they have more can sometimes offer more individualized treatment.

Free treatment is usually religion based and ran by non-profit agencies.

These options can be a make or break decision. And it's usually a decision you need to make quickly for it to be a successful recovery.

Watch THIS video to find out the pros and cons of each option.

Amber Hollingsworth,

Hope For Families

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