What To Do If Your Loved One Is Begging You To Come Get Them From Treatment

David came from a good family. He was well cared for, his parents worked hard to teach him responsibility, they took him to church regularly, and he had no history of trauma.

From Addiction To Recovery Davids Recovery Story

Even though David McNease had all these things, he still ended up with an addiction that nearly cost him his life.

At first he just wanted to be cool and fit in (he wanted to be Super Dave), but eventually, his drug and alcohol use took everything from him. By the time, he was a young adult, David was broken, scared, and alone in a house by himself, too paranoid to even answer the door for his mother.

One day, things got so bad he thought about ending it all. David made the decision that he would either commit suicide or get help. Thankfully, he ultimately chose to reach out to his mother for help. He was smart enough to know he had to go away for a while, but once he got there, things got really hard.

David was in rehab in Tennessee but would call him mom begging to come home every time he got to use the phone. He even told his, mom, he would kill himself if she didn't come get him.

Recovery Residence Owner David McNease Greenville Transitions
David at the treatment center in Tennessee

This must have been devastating to his mother, and of course, she must have been scared to death.

Make sure and watch the whole video to find out how she held her boundaries!

Believe it or not, this happens all the time, even for people who say they want help for their addiction to drugs or alcohol. Once they get into rehab, the cravings and fear kick in, and the desperation comes.

It's important to note that an individuals chances of maintaining long-term sobriety are highly correlated to how long they participate in a treatment or recovery program. I'm sure David's mother was being told this by the treatment center he was in, but she had to figure out how to keep him from leaving, even when he was threatening to kill himself.

If you're the parent or loved one of someone struggling with addiction, this is a must watch video.

Make sure to watch the whole thing to find out what David's mom did in this situation (that very likely saved his life), and find out what David is doing now to help other young men struggling with drug and alcohol addiction.

David's recovery has been a blessing to many, and you'll know why after listening to his story from addiction to recovery!

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