Where Are They Hiding The Drugs? #SuperSneaky

Joey Porchetta Interviewed By: Amber Hollingsworth

If you have an addicted loved one, you've probably already turned into a full fledged private investigator, but just in case you still haven't uncovered everything, Joey reveals his secret hiding spots

In all seriousness, I don't recommend searching for the secret stash. It will just drive you crazy! This video is to help you understand that you can't outsmart addiction that way.

Lots of people think the best thing to do is find the drugs/alcohol and get rid of it, but in reality that's actually pretty ineffective.

You can't win this war by trying to control external factors like access to drugs or alcohol, using friends, money, or anything else for that matter.

You win this war by tapping into the heart of the addicted person. (More on that in a later video) Make sure and Subscribe (and hit the bell) to catch it!

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