Why It's So Hard to Detach from Your Addicted Loved One

If you've had to deal with someone whose struggling with alcoholism or drug use, it might be hard to imagine finding peace while the substance abuse continues. It's especially true when you have tried everything possible to keep the situation from becoming worse. I recently asked the question, "What's keeping you from detaching from your addicted loved one?" on our Facebook page and got a ton of feedback. Answers ranged from "I'm afraid of losing them" to "fear of losing control of everything around me, not just losing control over the addict."

"Detach with love." That's what Al-anon says you're supposed to do when you've got an addicted loved one. It's just not that easy. In this video, you'll uncover why it's so freaking hard to detach from your addicted loved one.

Be sure to watch the video to the end because I'll explain how to get distance and put healthy boundaries in place to make the process easier.

Amber Hollingsworth

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