Need Help With Something Other Than Substance Abuse?
We can help! 
Kim Garrett is a Licensed Professional Counselor

People generally know Hope For Families as being the place to go for any type of substance abuse problem, but that's not all we do.  

But, we untangle all types of complex family dynamics.

For example we often see parents and teens who feel like they're stuck in a never ending argument (even if it's not about drugs or alcohol).  And, we help couples resolve long standing issues that are threatening the relationship.  

Hi.  I'm Kim. I help people 
struggling with trust
in relationships. 

Basically, we help people who are locked in a counterproductive patterns of thinking, behaving, or relating? 

I don't think you can be a good substance abuse counselor if you can't deal with other mental health concerns like depression, anxiety, or ADHD. Substance abuse problems are almost always co-occuring with some sort of mood, anxiety, impulse control problem or grief.   

All that being said,  we don't take on every case.  We are committed to only taking on individuals and families we feel are the exact right fit for us.  We're typically not the right place for minor issues, or for someone who just wants to think things through.  We are the place to go when you've already tried other things, and you really need to break out of a dysfunctional pattern. 

We offer intensive services for stubborn problems that just don't seem to want to go away!

If you're still not sure if we are the right fit for you, fill out this short questionnaire, and we will call you to schedule a consultation.