Do Either One Of These Stories Sound Familiar?

If So, You're In The Right Place!!!

We Help People Before They Hit Bottom! 

To put it as simply as possible, we work with FUNCTIONAL ADDICTS AND ALCOHOLICS. We work with individuals who are clinically defined as Stage 3 addiction or alcoholism.  

Basically, we help people before they lose everything.  Most of our clients are either going to school or working.  Many of them are even very successful in their careers, but their drinking or drug use has started to have a big impact on their lives (particularly in their relationships).  

Years ago, I treated a teenager in an Intensive Outpatient Program and he always said, "you hit your bottom when you put your shovel down". 


We help people make the decision to put the shovel down!

Stage 3 addiction or alcoholism doesn't necessarily mean the person is drinking or using drugs every day, but when they start they have a hard time stopping. 


The hallmark of Stage 3 is repeated attempts or promises to cut back, control, or stop using drugs or alcohol. Even though the person is experiencing some significant negative consequences due to their drinking or drug use, they continue to go back to the substance over and over again.    

"We liked the facility and everyone that we met. The approach made a lot of sense to us. We are very encouraged, even after just one visit."      -C.R.

"Hope for Families is wonderful and extremely helpful working through troubled times with your teens."   -G.B.

Here Are Just A Few Examples